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Start a Highly Profitable Foreclosure Cleaning Business

With the tough economic times, and high unemployment rates, many people are left scrambling to make ends meet. We have the perfect idea for motivated individuals looking to start making money quickly by entering an up and coming industry. The foreclosure clean out business. Everyone knows that the housing market is in the dumps, but what you doing about it? With the staggeringly high number of foreclosures happening every month, the amount of homes being left vacant provides a golden opportunity for those seeking to take advantage […]

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How to Start Your Own Foreclosure Cleanup Company

A new article on June 3, 2009 from MSN Money writer Michael Brush indicates that there is a third wave of foreclosures still to come from prime borrowers (i.e. those previously “safe-borrowers” with sound credit and fixed-rate mortgages) as a result of job losses thanks to the worsening economy (“Coming: A 3rd Wave of Foreclosures”). The article states that “In the first quarter, the percentage of these borrowers who were behind on their mortgages or in foreclosure had doubled from a year earlier, to nearly 6%” and […]

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Foreclosure Cleaning – Businesses Are Cleaning Up Big Profits Nationally!

Not all businesses are struggling in this economy. Learn how Foreclosure Cleaning Businesses are starting up across the country-this is one booming business to be in due to the current economy. However, is it short lived business to get into? No, absolutely not, there are always foreclosures, even in a sellers market. One niche business that has grown very rapidly due to the huge influx of foreclosures, is the foreclosure cleaning business. One niche business that is excelling in this economy is called the Foreclosure Cleanup or […]

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